Phoebe Pierpoint

Co-Founder & CEO

After successfully leading dozens of ambitous women to peace, fulfillment, and true success in my 1-1 coaching practice, I partnered with Evangeline to launch my method in a group format and…

…The Life Architect Program was born.

Our mission is to empower women to take ownership of their potential so they can love their life and have it all. This mission is very personal to me as I have lived it.

My journey started after overcoming a decade of health challenges in my 20’s that resulted in being told I would need to go on disability for the rest of my life.

At 28,  I rebuilt my life, transitioned into a new career as a business growth consultant, and gained experience in nearly every role of business to eventually managing 7-figure companies. 

When I set out to start my own business, I found that while I had all the knowledge I needed, I was hindered by my own mindset.

It wasn’t until I enlisted the help of a coach that I overcame my mental barriers, unlocked my potential, and grew my first business to multiple 6-figures.

Drawing from this journey, I fused my expertise in business growth strategy with mindset and self-mastery techniques to create a unique method tailored to helping high-achieving women adopt new mindsets and behaviors to achieve their goals in both life and business.

Evangeline Thompson

Co-Founder & President

I spent the first 18 years of my career as a nutritionist & Pilates/Yoga instructor, helping women feel better in their bodies through the use of meditation, breathwork and physical movement. Thinking I would pursue this line of work further, I went back to medical school to become a doctor, but life had other plans.

A series of extremely challenging life events at age 40 led me to the world of therapy, personal development and coaching. My recovery from these challenges led to a lifelong obsession with helping other women also find their way back after life’s challenges have destroyed their confidence, passion and hope.

I am proudly one of Phoebe’s first ever coaching clients and the work with her helped me to establish the new vision I had for my career as a coach. With her guidance, I was able to break through the mindset blocks that were holding me back from taking what I truly love to do and turning it into the most fun I’ve ever had.

I use my unique skill set to show up powerfully for my clients to become their trusted advisor for all things mindset, business, and life.

Cate Holeman

Client Success Manager

Aaron Pierpoint

Billing & Finance